Can I get Disability for my Migraines?

Yes, you may meet all requirements for Social Security Disability!

Yes! With regards to Migraines, the main factor that Social Security will consider is “Absenteeism.” This implies coming to work late, going home early, or not appearing by any means. In the event that your condition or the treatment important for your condition would bring about you being absent more than around 2 days of the month, you are debilitated.

These cases consistently come to down to getting your doctor to state in the clinical record how long will be absent and afterward convincing the Judge to believe your doctor. This can be a troublesome undertaking, and is the reason it is so critical to have an accomplished Social Security Disability Lawyer on your side that can deal with the entirety of the details to guarantee all means are appropriately taken.

The Social Security Disability Application process is a lengthy one and consists of two levels: Initial Application and Hearing. There are likewise appeals after the hearing level, however they are more uncommon and less successful than the two primary levels.

You will need to begin by filing your Initial Application. At the point when an individual initially applies for Social Security Disability, it is known as the Initial level. It for the most part takes around 4-6 months to get a decision back. The Disability Examiner will demand clinical records and gather proof dependent on the information gave in your application. In the event that there is an absence of proof or clarification is required, a Consultative Exam (CE) might be booked. At the point when the record is finished, or all clinical proof has been processed, a Medical Examiner will settle on a decision.

On the off chance that your application was denied at the Initial Level, the following is the Hearing level. Once the Request for Hearing has been filed, the record is sent to the neighborhood hearing office. A hearing is then planned and the petitioner shows up under the watchful eye of an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), who settles on a decision dependent on clinical records and testimonies from the inquirer and master observers. At this hearing, we would represent you, and present to the ALJ all the clinical proof we have gathered together. This entire process takes 12-18 months (longer in other states), however has the highest success rate.

What are my odds? Nationwide, 83% of all Social Security Disability claims are affirmed when represented by an attorney. This drops to 21% when you do not have an attorney.

In the event that you might want to talk with one of our devoted Social Security Disability legal counselors here in Grand Rapids, Michigan about your Migraines, please Contact Us today to plan a free arrangement. We cover all of West-Michigan, so regardless of whether you are down in Kalamazoo, over in Lansing, or up in Traverse City, please don’t hesitate to call us at (616) 710-4064.

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