You have more than one filing option!

There are two programs that individuals can apply to for social security benefits.

The social security disability insurance – providing aid to a disabled person and their family if they have paid for social security long enough.

The supplemental security income – this is given based on financial need given to parents and children with limited income.

Both programs are very similar in that they both define disability in the same way. The significant difference between both of them is that the first requires you to have work credits through the Social security system whiles the other requires an individual to have low income.

Is it possible to apply for both at the same time?

Yes!! You can apply to both programs at the same time. Applicants are generally concerned that filing for both programs at the same time could cause some kind of suspicion.This is not the case, mainly because, the two programs are processed independently of each other. However, receiving benefits from one program doesn’t automatically give you benefits on the other. In most cases,  people would be able to receive benefits from only one of the programs.

90% of all applications are denied on the first application. If your case falls within the 90%, there is no need to worry. You can work with your lawyer to move your case to the appeal/ hearing stage.

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