Paying the Bills

The Social Security Disability process is a very, very long process. The majority of claims end up going into the appeal stage, which means that it can sometime take 2 whole years before you start receiving Social Security Disability benefits. This is a very long span of time to be left without an income, especially for people who are probably incurring a lot of medical bills.

This period of time is made especially difficult by the fact that the very first requirement for applying for Social Security Disability benefits is that you not be working. Social Security Disability is a program that is reserved for people whose medical condition makes it impossible for them to work. While it’s possible to still meet Social Security’s definition of disabled while working a part time job earning below a certain level, doing so will cast serious doubt on the sincerity of your claim.

There are several options available for people who are unable to work and who do not have other resources available to them while their Social Security Disability claim is pending. For people over the age of 62, Social Security will offer to start sending you the Reduced Retirement Benefits while your Disability claim is pending. The State of Michigan also has several very helpful resources available to help pay for housing, food, and medical care. These programs can be applied for at http://www.Michigan.Gov/MIBridges.

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